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Add support for TOC in my Jekyll theme

Move domain name from https://www.gaeblogx.com to https://www.gaeblog.com. I’ve been wanting to use the name “gae blog” since the beginning :) but unfortunately the domain was taken by another when I first launched this blog. The domain was freed up recently so I decided to just get it and do the migration. Currently the old domain will redirect to the new one with a status code 301. However the old domain will expire on 06/07/2023

(WIP) Integration with tina.io. I was using jekyll-admin for as a traditional CMS-style GUI to author content and administer the blog. But it’s only a jekyll plugin not a cloud based solution so it can’t take care of authoring contents in production and making the changes on github. tina.io is a solution meant for that. So far tina has been working great locally and I am still working on deploying it to production. I am following https://huwfulcher.com/blog/2022/how-to-integrate-tinacms-with-jekyll/ at the beginning but later made a ton of changes so I might write a dedicated post for that later.

I’ve been cooking a lot lately following some video guides on youtube. It’s a bit troublesome that I’ll need to dig out the video and watch it again every time before I can fully memorize the recipe, so I’ll probably start a new category of blog posts for cooking.