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Crème Brûlée

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Recipe from


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Gumbo without Okra

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Oven Baked St. Louis Spare Ribs

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Website Infrastructure Updates

3 minute read

There were some major updates to the infrastructure of this website so just to note them down before I forget.

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Some personal updates

less than 1 minute read

Just want to give a brief updates on my current status. I moved from Bay Area working for Arista Networks to Irvine@Orange County@SoCal working for Amazon on...

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Streaming Systems

4 minute read

I recently read through the book Streaming Systems so think it would be a good idea to write up a summary/thoughts about it. The book is recommended by 评:Str...

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Introduction to Category Theory

4 minute read

We can think of category theory as a generalized set theory, where in set theory we have sets and $\in$, but in category theory we have objects and arrows, w...

Equational Reasoning

2 minute read

The main question is, how do we define two programs are equal, and how do we prove it.

Type Theory Foundations

3 minute read

We can think of Type Theory as being a catalog of a variety of notions of computation. The type structure determines the “programming language features”. For...

Computational Interpretations

2 minute read

Here we will talk about computational interpretations by the example of lax logic. Hope from the example we can have sense of how logic and PL are connected.

Judgements and Propositions

1 minute read

We state “A is true”, then “A” is a proposition, and “A is true” as a whole is a judgement.

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Matrix Game Theory

4 minute read

Matrix Game: Two players, each makes a choice secretly and play simutaneously. And there is payoff.

Bit Hacks

2 minute read

Find the minimum r of two integers x and y

Fibonacci Heap

5 minute read

Some Notes about Fibonacci Heaps

Operating System Virtualization

34 minute read

These notes will attempt to describe how operating systems virtualization (henceforth to be termed ``virtualization’’) is implemented. There are essentially ...

SDN Introduction

10 minute read

Software Defined Networking and The Cloud

File System

7 minute read

The Unix File System

Memory Management

46 minute read

This lecture will attempt to cover the various concepts that are important to the memory management functions that most operating systems must perform.


17 minute read

The Kthreads Library


20 minute read


First post

less than 1 minute read

First post haha nima

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